30 WTF dog photos that make no sense at all

Context can be incredibly important to give the proper meaning to a picture, and while we are sure there must be a rational reason for each and every one of these photos, we must admit that at a first sight they really make no sense at all.
If you already think that dogs are funny, after seeing this post you’ll realize that dogs portrayed in bizarre pictures are even funnier.
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1. OMG, I’m logged in!

via: tumblr.com

30 Funny Tumblr Posts About Cats That Are So Real For Cat Owners

Do you ever wonder why after some time of surfing the internet, we always end up with cats on our LCD screens? The answer is quite simple. It’s basically because cats are in control of the online world, but don’t worry, it shouldn’t be threat to us because it’s for our own good. These harmless creatures are here for one reason, and that is to melt our hearts. Whether it’s their sheer cuteness, hilarious stunts, or just plain foolishness, they always have us laughing our hearts out. So if you need a good dose of entertainment today, you came to the right place. Scroll down to the following Tumblr posts about cats and have your mood perked up in no time!